To raise awareness and education for people suffering from chronic autoimmune conditions in a supportive and caring community.
Located in Manhattan Beach, California; we provide counseling, education, dietary and nutritional advice and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that can aid in the overall wellness of people with autoimmune conditions.


We are now developing an on-line community centered around a concept called “The Power of 8”. One of the main complaints for people with autoimmune is the feeling of isolation. The theory is that a small, supportive online community of people who suffer from the same or similar autoimmune conditions; will share intimate knowledge and moral support in a caring environment. Each group will be mentored by a group leader with knowledge of alternative functional medicine. It is our hope that this method will help many people get back on the road to good health until a cure is provided.


In the future we see this method expanding into an on-site housing approach: 30, 60 & 90-day IN-HOUSE therapy that will enable people to live and learn how to change their lifestyle. Think of it as REHAB for an autoimmune society. The ability to live on-site, make lasting friendships, learn to meditate, change their diet, learn to cook fabulous recipes, have access to in-house therapy equipment and medical professionals - all in a knowledgeable and caring community.


The goal is to heal the Mind, the Soul AND the Body. But we don’t see the relationship ending there. An aftercare program ensures people will stay on track with alumni support, family training and preparation for skills they will use in everyday life.

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Never say, “There is no cure.” There IS a cure.

It is the goal of this foundation to help as many people as possible get back on the road to good health until that cure is implemented.