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30 Days To A New Life With The POWER 30 STRONG Program!

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Lose Weight, Become Healthy, and Heal


YES! For GOD'S sake! HEAL! Be stronger, more confident and just plain happier. It’s a program developed to prevent disease, reduce pain and even reverse autoimmune and inflammatory symptoms. We are so excited to bring you all the information and resources that have helped so many people reclaim their lives. Here we can share our experiences, our passion and extensive knowledge in the many holistic, natural ways available to return ourselves into the energetic, thriving human beings we are meant to be.


This new and innovative program includes 30 Daily Interactive Online Group Sessions with Anna Strong, with fantastic guests tailored to each group’s specific needs AND we are live so you can ask us anything! Every morning for 30 minutes you will feel the positive energy of a great morning routine, jumpstarting your day to a world of opportunities.

You will receive a Journal to log your daily thoughts and memories, and a Recipe Book with daily meals and menus... and a journal to write down everything that you eat so you can document how each food makes you feel.


You will also receive a 30-Minute Guided Nighttime Meditation each night for thirty days. You can listen to the guided talk and turn it off when you feel you are done or continue to listen to up to eight hours of healing meditation music. 30 Nighttime Meditations with beautiful music that will soothe you to sleep with positive healing affirmations. This pre-recorded part of our program allows you to get the maximum benefits of the nighttime curriculum but allows each person to go to bed whenever it is comfortable for them.


POWER 30 STRONG is designed to reboot your system, reframe your brain, and center your spirit allowing your True Forces to harmonize with the positive energy of the universe; healing from within and starting your path on a more fabulous and healthier life!




As you go through the Power 30 Strong Program, you will find yourself overcoming long-standing obstacles that suddenly become clear; shedding the bonds that tie you down and uplifting you to a more powerful and beautiful state. It’s the science and connection of Mind, Body, Soul.


Key Points of this 30-Day Challenge are:

• Handle Stress Better

• Good Sleep Habits and How to Apply Them

• The Breath of Life – Breathing Techniques

• Morning Yoga

• Healing the Gut

• Meditation

• Detoxifying Your Environment

• Rieke - Energy Work

• Choosing Happiness

• Changing Your Diet


AND OF COURSE ... THE COMMITMENT: THE 30-Day Elimination Diet also known as: AIP (Auto Immune Protocol - The Anti-Inflammation Diet). A 30-Day Elimination Diet that has proven to have remarkable results in reducing and eliminating chronic pain and even reversing autoimmune disease....AND it even helps you shed unwanted pounds!


You will receive a 30-Day Cookbook with ALL kinds of yummy foods to make you just LOVE this AIP Journey!

It’s a Commitment -- 30 Days. It’s a Game...Play to Win!


Sign Up For This Program Now!!! Get secret extra bonuses! What have you got to lose? Some chronic pain? Some poundage? Maybe lose some of that negativity? It’s ALL GOOD! Each participant of the program is strongly advised to get approval from their primary physician. SEE YOU THERE!

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