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What's This Podcast About?

Real patients, doctors and shamans share their experiences and difficulties navigating the world of autoimmune. You will hear what's new, working, not working and helpful tips and tricks. 

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Michael Phelan - Muscular Sclerosis Warrior

Micheal Phelan is a hugely successful entrepreneur launching and shaping companies throughout his career. During a very stressful time of his life Michael began to notice something was not right physically. He pushed on while experiencing the rapid onset of MS until he was flying around the world making deals in a wheelchair. 

Emilia - Autoimmune Warrior

Emilia's journey began after lung surgery in 2012 when her MRI came back looking like "someone went crazy on my insides with a razor blade." A few years later she was diagnosed with Lupus, Arthritis and Heart Disease. This was followed by Raynauds Phenomenon which developed ulcers on her fingertips and felt like knives going through every digit in her hands and feet.  

Ash Marie Alina

In this episode we tackles some tough topics with Ash Marie Alina and gives us an inside look into what a teenagers day to day looks like when her body is in a constant battle against itself.  We also celebrate a win as Ash shares her return to the music scene and closes out the show with an original song.

Theo O'Leary

In this episode we talk about health and wellness from the perspective of healer Theo O'Leary. Theo is a celebrity medium and energy healer who has a widespread reputation for changing people's lives for the better.  

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Alyssa - Sjogen's Syndrome

Alyssa is a beautiful young girl who  was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome at the tender age of 12 years old. She has fought her whole life trying to get better. Her disease has been further complicated with several additional autoimmune diseases. She is told there is no cure.

Avital Kushilevich - Autoimmune Warrior Princess


Avital was twelve years old when she started throwing up, losing weight and withered down to sixty pounds. Her parents and doctors suspected anorexia or bulimia until she was finally admitted to the ER - Her new (hospital) doctor ran tests and found out she had crohn's disease. But by this time they had no choice but to remove a section of her intestines as it had become so badly damaged.

Alice - Ulcerative Colitis + Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease

Alice is a very talented musician. A viola virtuoso, a warrior and a survivor. She had been experiencing gastrointestinal issues since she was in High School but couldn’t figure out what it was. Dientamoeba fragilis was discovered when gastrointestinal problems started in high school around 2011 and treated with a copious amount of antibiotics.

Holly Campbell - Ulcerative Colitis


Holly was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2008, (the summer after a stressful freshman year of college. After being hospitalized 6 times in the span of 5 years, she was affectionately referred to as the “frequent flyer” by the resident nurses. She lived in a state of uncertainty walking through  life on egg shells while working hard to maintain a facade of normalcy.

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Rachael - Scleroderma Warrior Princess

Even though her rheumatologist reassured otherwise, medical sources on the internet stated that the majority of diffuse scleroderma patients died within five to ten years. That mindset had such a damaging effect on Rachel psychologically, propelling her into emergency status in less than five months.

Brandy Carbo - Autoimmune Warrior


Brandy was a very successful career woman despite a life filled with trauma, social challenges and substance abuse addiction that ultimately led to autoimmune disease. Brandee tried all the standard practices of western medicine but discovered true  benefits through Buddhism, Quantum Physics for healing and the relationship of happiness to Karma.

Mia Holmes - Fibromialgia

Mia is a beautiful girl who fights to have a pain free life one day. Fibromyalgia is a  debilitating chronic condition that causes severe pain, stiffness, brain fog and tenderness of muscles, tendons, and joints. She is told there is no cure.

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